I sat and stared in awe…. My sister was about 10 years old and taking part in massive cheerleading competitions. It was the end I and I would always find myself welling up! I was PROUD! But secretly I always wanted to find the courage to compete at the things I was good at too. Unlike her, I was always the person who watched other people enter competitions, perform on stage and choose a song to sing in karaoke.

For many years I’d want to join in but was always to shy! Those who know me would swear I’m lying but it’s true.lol…. Your girl Kels is shy!

Well, this year I’m facing that fear. I’ve entered my self for two categories at the Cake International show 2019 at Excel Exhibition Centre. (Eeeekkkk what have I signed up for lol).

There are strict rules and regulations so unfortunately I’m not allowed to disclose what my ideas are, but I am allowed to tell you the categories. The first is for a wedding cake of 4 or more tiers. For this, I’m allowed to use dummy cakes (for all the non-bakers, these are polystyrene shapes) which saves me baking for hours and keeps costs down slightly. The second is a cupcake entry. 6 decorated cupcakes sound easy but my gosh people are talented! I have seen some amazing entries in the past.

If you’d like to come down visit this link for tickets

https://ticketsales.ichf.co.uk/products/cake-international-on-tour-2019 be sure to check Groupon and Wowcher as they usually sell tickets for under a fiver.

I’m nervous but really excited! See you there…

Kels x