The Cakes by Kels loyalty scheme is my way of thanking our customers for their continued support. With your loyalty card you can collect a sticker each time you spend over £25.00. Collect your stickers and be rewarded with discounts and free cakes!

Terms and conditions

  1. Each time you spend £25.00 or more you receive a sticker (one sticker per customer, per order, per day).
  2. Refer a friend and receive one sticker once they have placed an order by paying a deposit.
  3. With 2 stickers receive 20% off your total order.
  4. On your 5th sticker receive £5 off your total order.
  5. On your 8th sticker you receive 6 free vanilla cupcakes (These cannot be personalised).
  6. On your 11th order receive £10 off your total order.
  7. On your 14th order you receive a free 6” vanilla cake with buttercream and jam filling. ( The cake cannot be personalised )
  8. You must spend £25.00 or more to claim a reward
  9. You can claim your rewards in any order as long as you have enough stamps.
  10. Once your reward is claimed it becomes void and cannot be claimed again.
  11. If your card is lost your stickers are not replaced on a new card. Your rewards are lost.
  12. Free cakes will be vanilla flavour, your cake(s) cannot be personalised.
  13. Your rewards can not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

Cakes by Kels have the right to refuse or end any offer without any prior notice.