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Let’s face it, Parties are always a good idea until it’s time to start planning! Whether it be an engagement, christening, end-of year or launch party for some reason or another things either run behind schedule or don’t turn out quite as planned.

Due to her reliable nature and attention to detail, Kels and has often coordinated events. So if you’re planning an event which you’d like to make just that extra bit memorable, let me help you bring your idea to life. I take pride in the small details which will make you proud to host.


What is an Event Co-ordinator

Generally an event coordinator works closely with the event planner to put together an event. The Event coordinator is not responsible for choosing the theme of the event. Kels will be responsible for preparing budgets, monitoring expenditures, scouting locations, theme continuity throughout your event and vendor selection.


On the day of your event Kels will oversea the arrival of vendors/services and set up. ie. caterers, djs, cake makers and table decorators.

Bespoke Gallery

Take a look at bespoke cakes that Kels has previously made for special events.


The candy cart

Our Sleek white Candy Cart can be tailored uniquely to your event .We provide a wide array of sweets and treats to suit your every need.


Hire Items

As well as coordinating amazing events we also hire props to rent.


Event and Corporate Cakes

Kels creates cakes and cupcakes for events in all sorts of sizes and designs. Use the contact for to discuss your ideas that represent your company or brand.

Dessert Table

Create a dessert table piled high with home made treats and sweets. We also hire out cake stands and dessert buffet supplies to help you complete your dessert table.